Sam Hurt: Owner, Co-Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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Sam is (still) finishing an English degree, reads more comics than is advisable on his current budget, and attempts to stay current on global events more than someone prone to high blood pressure probably should, but usually gets distracted before he learns anything useful. He is a husband and father, and voted Rocky Anderson in the 2012 election, to give you an idea of his politics. He works weekdays at Star Comics, the physical home of the Aliens Under the Vatican podcast, and spends his nights attempting to become a writer.

Jeff Pannell: Co-Founder, Senior Editor

© 2006-2011 erostrato

© 2006-2011 erostrato

Jeff works as a system admin/IT Specialist and has some flim-flam Masters degree in Management Information Systems. His true education, however, came from the squared circle. He is a geek supreme who revels in cinema, wrestling, comics, television and most of all, video games. HE WILL DEFEAT EL HIJO DE SANTO FOR THE TITLE! GUARANTEED!

Ross O'Dell: Writer


Ross is a freelance journalist and general writer type who grew up on comic books and video games to the exclusion of other, more noble pursuits, like an honest day's labor.  Prone to rambling monologues about Russian history and pointless debates over the validity of postmodernism, Ross nerds out on a variety of subjects including: comics, film, tabletop gaming, video gaming, politics and cartoons.