Welcome. This is the beginning of a brand new journey for me and my compatriots here. We're going to be doing our best to inform, entertain, and engage you, our visitors. We want to create a new community around ourselves at this site, one where you can feel comfortable liking a myriad of things. We don't want you to feel that just because you're not a fan of video games or comics or the latest tech news that you're not welcome here or that we don't have something that might be whatever is up your alley. There are a handful of us now, but between the lot, we should be able to cover some wide territory, and present you with differing opinions when our interests do overlap.

I personally will be covering, for the most part, comics and politics, with some movies and video games thrown in. In total honesty, I am not a professional journalist, and when discussing political topics, that will most likely be evident. You're not going to agree with everything I say, and vice versa, but I can absolutely promise I will never punish or turn away a member of this community for simply having a different opinion. If you disagree, always feel free to say so.

We want you to engage us, and challenge us, and communicate with us. Comment your little hearts out, join the conversation; whether it's a review of an exploitation flick from the 70s, or a rant about some current political point that one of us felt the need to get off our chest, tell us what you think about what is being said. 

Now, we know it's the internet, and that we can't make everyone get along or play nice. We just want to request that discourse is kept as civil as possible, and initial topics are never abandoned completely in the comments under their respective posts. 

Most importantly, we want you to keep on coming back, as often as you please, to see what we have to offer you. We, first and foremost, want to pique your interest, and then sustain it after that. As I said to someone yesterday, we all started this site to talk about Important Things. So join us on this ridiculous ride. Help us make this a successful experiment in combining fun, mental popcorn topics with side servings of intelligent discourse, and we'll do our best to keep your brains fed.

buckle up

AuthorSam Hurt