So, first off let me say that last night's Monday Night RAW (March 14th) was as packed as they come. We open the festivities with The Rock cutting yet ANOTHER brilliant promo that belittles Cena in a way that only the "Great One" can. The usage of Cena's shirt for the kid to blow his nose was just the icing on the cake as far as I'm concerned. 

The promo itself is yet another example of why the man has always been the best in the business at cutting a promo. His time away from the ring in films has only helped to bolster his skills. 


So, the Rock has finally come back to RAW. His appearance was speculated on for months ahead of time, and honestly these days its tough to get anything past the WWE Universe in terms of online speculation. His return was loud, brash and, as JR would proclaim, BY GOD O' MIGHTY it was glorious.

How does his return, however, impact the WWE? Well, the immediate effect in the shortrun is a boost to ratings though honestly RAW does quite well on a week-to-week basis. More buzz is being generated around his return and subsequent war of words with John Cena and now The Miz than has been in some time. It should help to boost lagging buy rates for the upcoming Wrestlemania pay-per-view as well which is definitely a plus considering the last few years it has actually declined. So, what does it REALLY change him coming back other than our ears being graced by the sweet sounds of him laying the verbal smackdown on some candy asses? 


The Rock's return has galvanized an already rising star in The Miz. Seriously the microphone work Miz has been doing lately has been outstanding. He's already shown hints of greatness numerous times before, but this Wrestlemania might be the one the solidifies him as a true pillar of the company. His heel work has been great and Rock's return has generated a very "You know I am still here.." sort of feeling. The Rock and Cena's back and forth exchanges have involved only each other and damn near excluded The Miz. I felt, for a short while, that perhaps WWE was starting to sell short a guy who is arguably one of the best young talents they have. 

The Miz decking Cena with the the championship belt and seizing the microphone was fantastic. His tyrade was well said and his willingness to get right up to the camera really sold the anger and contempt in his words.  Do yourself a favor and give it a look see. It even comes complete with The People's Elbow as interpreted by The Miz.



Cena's retorts to Rock's verbal bashings started off great but have since diminished in their effectiveness. Not to say the guy can't cut a good promo 'cause he can as evidenced by his work as a heel. He's the face of the company right now and, frankly, I understand if he's not cutting loose though he did manage to get a few genuinely funny lines in some of the bits he did.

Right, so the impact of Rock's return? He's super-charged the Miz and frankly he's living up to his catchphrase right now but also he's also made me hope that maybe this could be more of a regular thing for the Rock. I don't expect the guy to be back wrestling full-time or anything and maybe this is all just some quick story buildup for a Wrestlemania 27 match but damn it.. we need more Rock. The charismatic son of a bitch just brings it and does so that really represents the company well. 

I don't expect a return to the 90's and early 2000's by any means, but frankly, the Attitude era has been sorely missed. There have been great matches and great superstars that have emerged since then (The Miz, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus and a few others) but have we really had greatness every week? Cena's going nowhere, but damn it'd be nice to have the Rock to counterbalance it.

His impact? He's making RAW better and, hopefully, making the outlook of an already mixed card at Wrestlemania look a lot better.

AuthorThe Scrivener