Jeff, along with being a classic video game nerd in every sense of the word, also enjoys the wonderful array of musical offerings out there. His tastes range from the mainstream to the absurdly vanguard and nothing is really off limits in terms of his willingness to consume new and interesting sounds. This love for video games has definitely lead into some interesting corners of the Internet. Here are some of his findings.

 The inaguaral edition of Music for Geeks by Geeks shall showcase a two favorites of mine , Mr. Voletron and Abandonation.

So, if you couldn't tell Voletron's work is mostly going to be dealing with that little game known as World of Warcraft. Maybe you've heard of it? You probably have. Now before you get all judgemental and deem me a total nerd who is absolutely hopeless here just take a listen to the clip above. The original piece, "Invincible", was composed by the amazing Russell Brower. If you've played a game made by Blizzard Entertainment then you're aware of the man's talent.

Brower is up there, for me, with greats like Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy series) and Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger). The original piece which you can find here, tells the story of the steed that belonged to Arthas Menethil or as he came to be known The Lich King. He belonged to Arthas in his life as a paladin and accompanied him on his horrific crusade to bring about destruction with the Scourge as damnable Lich King. It is a sad piece that really hits home. 

Voletron managed to take this song, remix it and retain its power but somehow enhance it. Voletron EXCELS at doing this very thing and though his songs are mostly Warcraft related you can just tell he's got a real talent for feeling the music out. The catalogue isn't very deep yet, but what's there is pretty damn good. Another great example can be seen here:

This one features the infamous XT-002 boss from the raid instance Ulduar that was such a prominent part of the game in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Here he managed to take just the phrases that XT-002 yells during the duration of the encounter and meld that into a really great club song. Excellent stuff.

Feel free to give more of his stuff a listen. You'll enjoy it. Promise.

So, what about the other guy I listed? Abandonation? He, too, tends to focus on more Warcraft related fare, though he is branching out now into more traditional avenues. He is a founding member of the WoW-Music supergroup, The Druidboyz, and really has some genuine talent in terms of lyrics and his ability to flow. Check this out.

This is a piece he decided to do wherein two of his characters squared off in a battle of lyrics. The content is VERY WoW-centric, but honestly, it doesn't diminish the fact that he's got great flow. Seriously. It's good stuff. He is a big part of the WoW-music community that has really blossomed over the past two years thanks to machinima's rise in popularity. Here's my last clip of the day, a great track named I Am that features his Druidboyz collabarator, Demineon

Well, that'll do it for the first installment of Music for Geeks by Geeks. If you feel like sending me hate mail feel free, comment below or via Twitter (@JeffPannellZG). More to come next week. 


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