So, what's that above all this text you ask? Why it's a trailer for an Xbox 360 game.. in 3D that allows you to shoot love bullets at school girls. Things like this. This is why I love you Japan. 

I will not deny my love for the island nation that has provided me with so many years of entertainment and culture. I was devastated to see the events of the earthquake, tsunami and now subsequent threats of radiation unfold in Japan as they have. This is a truly heartrending disaster that will, ultimately, have a high economic and human toll. The aftermath is large, there is no doubt, but one thing we will never doubt is the resolve of the Japanese people. They managed to recover from having entire sections of their nation obliterated by atomic bombs and the fallout afterwards and grew to become one of the world's leaders in technological innovation, economic gains and, well, things like this.


That photo says a lot doesn't it? Not only is it a very touching moment captured on film of a man being reunited with his dog, but it also shows that there is hope. There is hope for this tiny nation that has been rocked by natural disaster. Happiness can still be found and will be found beneath the rubble and muck that has been created by this series of unfortunate events.

Damn I love you Japan and, frankly, I don't say it enough. You gave me Berserk. You gave me Super Mario. You gave me Tiger Mask. I will love you, now and always, and don't you ever change. 

Those interested in worthwhile donations hit up or other such reputable foundations to donate to the relief efforts.


AuthorThe Scrivener