So, seeing as how Wrestlemania 27 is less than a week away now I figured it'd be a good time to get some wrestling content thrown up on the site for all the more distinguished readers out there. Some may say that wrestling is a joke or that it is for the younger sort. The amount of athleticism and sheer gall it takes to go out every night and put on a fantastic show that entertains is a lot of work. There are those in the business who will always be known as the babyface (good guy) or the heel (bad guy) character. Some guys work better as villains (Triple H) while others are best as babyface characters (Hulk Hogan). 

It takes a special kind of wrestler to truly pull of being a heel. There have been hundreds, nay thousands, of them before but there were only a few that truly stood out. What follows are, in my opinion, the absolute best heel promos that have ever been cut. These are those shining moments where, for one segment, one night, that particular wrestler achieved a level of hatred unseen prior. The list isn't long, to be honest, but that's because there are few that I feel are really worthy of this title.

(2005) Eddie Guerrero 

This Eddie Guerrero has always been a personal favorite of mine. He had the goods when it came to talent, the looks and the attitude. He did have personal demons that he struggled with for so long and, more than likely, he was able to conjure a few to help power this amazing heel promo. This took place directly after dismantling his former tag partner Rey Mysterio. My favorite part is when he, much like a father beckoning for his son to come over and sit on his knee, tells the WWE Universe to come closer. The psychosis present in his eyes, the tone of his voice and just overall feeling of this promo was so great. He was one of the few in the business that could transition from being a beloved face to a heel within a single night. There aren't many guys who've ever been in this business that could do that. May he rest in peace..


(2003) The Rock



What can you say about the best promo man in the business? This was sheer brilliance that got him so much damn heat that he had to take his sunglasses off and smile a bit just to reassure the fans in the building that "Damn people.. this is just a show..". I'm all for making fun of Canada and, well, The Rock does it so damn well. He gets the cheap heat then actually gains a bit of favor back before dashing it away with typical "Great One" charm and dashing. Seriously. Best mic work in the business.


(2005) Shawn Michaels

Part 1

Part 2


This is, without a doubt in my mind, the best heel work that's probably ever been done in a single promo. You've got Canada bashing, TWO fakeouts and Shawn Michaels, as always, just being awesome. There's a reason why the man is the definitive star of the last twenty years. He, like Eddie and The Rock, could seamlessly transition between the two ends of the spectrum at a moment's notice. This all started with a single superkick to Hulk Hogan on RAW. Thank God for that moment that lead to this, the absolute best heel promo in the history of the WWE.

I'll be back tomorrow with more WWE related coverage, folks. Enjoy!

AuthorThe Scrivener