"The only thing that can get you off is to see me in pain and I think I love you!" - Sam Kinison


He was loud. Idiots called him offensive. Other idiots called him a genius. I'm one of the latter idiots. With the cadence of a revivalist preacher and the sensibilities of a man with one too many heartbreaks on his track record, he was wholly unique. There will be another Carlin. There will be another Pryor. There may even be another Hedberg. There will most definitely never be another Sam Kinison. 

He loved women, and he hated religion. A lot of people believed him to be a misogynist. A lot of people were morons. Sam only hated certain types of women; in popular parlance: "hos", "golddiggers", and "bitches"

Sam loved rock music, and absolutely despised rap. And he had big enough balls that you could be damned sure he wasn't afraid to shout it in Ice T's face (and he did). I miss Sam Kinison. And, after watching these videos, you probably do too. 

AuthorNick Feldman