Anyone who follows wrestling at all has, by now, heard that Edge appeared during the second hour of Monday Night RAW last night and announced his retirement. I didn't really know how to react to it at first and I listened, dumbstruck by the notion that he was really hanging up his boots. 

Wow. The reasons for his retirement all relate back to a horrible injury (broken neck in 2003) he suffered that required lots of surgery (fusing of vertebrae in his spinal cord). He remarked on having pain constantly and even feeling numbness in his arms. I now see why the match with Del Rio at Wrestlemania went the way it did. I'm also very VERY glad that he will go out on top. Edge gets to do what not a lot of guys will ever get to do in this business and that is walk away before his body has completely broken down on him and with a win at the biggest spectacle in all of wrestling.

I just.. man. I'm still having trouble processing it all because, frankly, it wasn't until last year that I really started to appreciate Edge. I knew what he did at WM18 with Jeff Hardy. I knew of his kickstarting the "You Suck" chant that became so affixed to Kurt Angle in the WWE. His Rated R antics with Lita and the TLC matches. He worked as an innovatin', tag team dominatin', Canada lovin' son of a bitch that over the last few years was bigger than any role he was relegated to. He was bigger than a face or a heel. He became one of those few that was transcendent and just loved by the fans.

If you want a great breakdown of some of the top moments in Edge's storied career I'd suggest hitting up Bleacher Report's WWE section: Edge:Top 10 Moments . Some of the best of Edge presented and, frankly, its tough to disagree with any of it.  

He gave so much to us, the fans, in terms of performance that he was Hall of Fame bound from the moment he set foot in the ring. His cashing in the Money in the Bank on John Cena at New Year's Revolution remains one of my favorite moments of recent memory. I was away from wrestling while he made history at Wrestlemania 18, but I have watched the match many, many, many times since then and it has one of the best "spots" ever. Seriously. Edge spearing Jeff Hardy as he hangs, suspended by a belt, twenty feet up? That is some seriously crazy shit and we, the WWE Universe, wouldn't have it any other way. 

Most of all I know that I am not alone in saying "Thank you." He has provided us with years of quality in-ring work, great promos and a magnificent persona with awesome theme song to match. Just fantastic. 

Edge's win at Royal Rumble 2010.

Thank you, from all of us in the WWE Universe, Edge for giving us your all every single night. 

AuthorThe Scrivener