Jeff, along with being a classic video game nerd in every sense of the word, also enjoys the wonderful array of musical offerings out there. His tastes range from the mainstream to the absurdly vanguard and nothing is really off limits in terms of his willingness to consume new and interesting sounds. This love for video games has definitely lead into some interesting corners of the Internet. Here are some of his findings.

Hey there, sports fans! Sorry for being so late with the next installment of Music for Geeks by Geeks but, well, I had a lot on my mind as of late what with government shutdowns, movies and other things life throws at you. That isn't to say there isn't plenty more music to cover. Let's get started shall we? 


So, what's that you say? You like hip-hop but it doesn't necessarily speak to you always due to the subject matter? Well, considering most of us don't have to deal with all the problems mo' money brings I feel that way to sometimes. Enter the subgenre of hip-hop known as nerdcore. It's defined as a style of hip-hop known mostly for it's lyrical content. It, as the name should imply, tends to be relevant to those us that have an interest in things like video games, sci-fi and so on. There are a lot of nerdcore artists out there, though I'll be frank in saying that there aren't a lot of great ones. There are, however, two that tend to stand above the rest.

MC Chris

He is one of the most well-known of all those in the nerdcore community though he has, at times, felt that he isn't of it. His music doesn't necessarily always fit into the parameters of it either but let's be honest here. Whenever you make a song call "Fett's Vette" then you're bound to attract some nerd fans. He's one of my personal favorites so without further ado here's a couple of prime tracks featuring MC Chris.

"Fett's Vette" is, by far, his most recognizable song and was actually used on the soundtrack to Kevin Smith's underrated Zack and Miri Make A Porno. The track which is the heavyweight champ on an album full of pretty good songs, Life's A Bitch And I'm Her Pimp, is just awesome. You've got Star Wars. You've got Boba god damn Fett and most of all you have that high pitched flow of MC Chris. Great song.

"IG-88's '57 Chevy" is another Star Wars related track, I know, but its also really damn good. His rhyming here is top notch and, frankly, I have to give love to anyone who can rep IG-88 that hard. He deserves to be repped that friggin' hard. DAMN!

 "White Kids Love Hip-Hop" is one of my absolute favorites not only for the tasty beats but also for the fact that Andy Merrill, the guy who voiced Brak of Space Ghost and The Brak Show fame, helps to give the song that extra bit of awesome. Man I love Brak. That also brings me to the fact that MC Chris, having the voice he does, has done some work with Williams Street and the Adult Swim crew. He's otherwise known as MC PeePants on Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

So, what about another great nerdcore artist?

MC Frontalot

If you've read the webcomic Penny-Arcade then you might already be aware of this MC. He's performed at ever PAX expo so far and has developed a rabid following thanks to some very helpful promotion from the PA duo. He not only brings it lyrically but he has come up with some great videos to go along with these songs too. 

"Zero Day" is the self-titled track of the album of the same name. The video tells the story of when the machines rise up and revolt against us and, of course, form into sentient beings that walk and beat the crap out of us. Loved the video. REALLY loved the song. It's also got another personal favorite of mine, Dual-Core, helping out with the beats here. Real solid work.

"You Got Asperger's" isn't a song that seeks to mock or belittle in the slightest. It tells the story of a guy just waiting for his girlfriend but due to his having Asperger's Syndrome he fixates heavily on the ribbons in her hair. Mellow song that is just really great lyrically. It is one of nearly all the great tracks off his 2007 joint Secrets From The Future.

"Final Boss" is the title track off the album of the same name and much like the first choice I made for this MC Frontalot parade it is also quite good. I wish it had a great video to go along with it, but sadly, there is none. The song, despite the lack of video, is still quite good and showcases yet again just how great lyrically he can be. The stuff he puts out ranges from songs referring to otaku and their plight to zero day warez and hacks. He speaks to me and I have a feeling I'm not the only one!

That's all for this week folks! If you feel like sending some suggestions in for the column be sure to drop me a line at or hit me up via Twitter: @JeffPannellZG. More to come soon! Promise!

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