Sam feels it's proper to warn you now: you are most likely not going to agree with anything he says here, but he also feels like after reading this, you could maybe walk away viewing something from a different angle than just blindly accepting the mass opinion on the things he's writing about in this feature. So give it a shot, it may pleasantly suprise you. Or make you angry. Either works for him. 





So this is actually more of a supplemental update, informing you of a project I'll be undertaking for SoA, which is a mini-series all about the Fist of Khonshu himself, Moon Knight. I love the character, and feel that it's about time his bum rap ceases to be. I will be defending him against the nay-sayings of people believing he's a Batman ripoff, I'll be defending him against accusations that he's a nothing character with no direction, so on and so forth. I highly enjoy the exploits of Marc Spector and his friends and multiple personalities, I love the hell out of his rogue's gallery, and I like the special niche into which he fits in the Marvel Universe, and I believe it's a place that can only use Moon Knight. 

The catch here, to all of this, is that I'll be doing it while simultaneously re-reading the bulk of his adventures. I'm armed with the 3 Moon Knight Essentials trades, the full Huston/Benson/Glass relaunch, and the Remender/Opena Vengeance of the Moon Knight series. Part of this will also be a lead-in to the Bendis/Maleev 3rd relaunch. I myself am not a fan of Bendis' work, but I love the character on Moon Knight enough to give this series a try, to maybe see if this can be the thing from him I really enjoy. So buckle in, I hope I can at least convince you to give the character another shot, or at least maybe hate him less.

So come on by, I'll be doing this as a weekly column in addition to anything else popping up. It'll be under SoA Special: Sands of Vengeance. I hope you enjoy!

AuthorSam Hurt