There are few things that please El Jefe de Santo more than a trip to the movie theater. Well, making grown men weep from the sheer force of his hurricanranas is better but he still enjoys the cineplex. Come along with the masked wonder and see if this latest film is worth a gander.




Directed by: David Gordon Green
Written by: Danny McBride, Ben Best
Rated: R
In Theaters: April 8, 2011 WIDE
Distributor: Universal Pictures

Danny McBride is one of those guys that either makes you laugh a LOT or he just inspires a sneer. His comedy tends to be crass, obnoxious and usually relates back to dicks somehow. 

That said what we have here is a comedy set in a high-fantasy setting that deals with warriors charged with a quest to stop what is known as "The Fuckening". That pretty much lets you, the would-be viewer, know what they're in for.

Danny McBride is, for lack of a better word, a humongous dick for most of this movie. He plays the role of jealous brother to Fabious quite well even if it is a bit too similar to all the things we've seen him do before.

There will be some who have grown tired of James Franco, for we've seen a lot of the fellow as of late. I am not one of those people and I found his performance in this as the more successful of the two princes, Fabious, to be fantastic. He's got all those qualities one expects of a just and noble knight along with that hint of what we love about him in movies like Pineapple Express. He provides a perfect counterbalance to McBride's overt douchebaggery that is sublime.

Portman is, well, gorgeous here and we're treated to a tinny English accent that is more reminiscent of a great actress hamming it up just a tad. Some of her lines ended up being some of the best of the movie, though, with such gems as "I must surprise a band of thieves and burn them alive in a symphony of shrieks." This lady is badass and knows it. There is a calm nature to her that gives way to utter fury as the movie progresses that was fun to watch.

Justin Theroux and Radimus Hardiker nearly stole the show, though. Theroux brought just enough thunder to the role of Leezar without pushing it too over the top. He is, essentially, a nerd who does magic, has a castle and wants to totally make a sweet demon dragon with Zooey Deschanel (Fabious' naive love interest). Radimus brought such a refreshing air to some of the scenes involving him and McBride that I walked away feeling that I REALLY want to see more of this Hardiker kid.

The bottom line is that this movie is, for all intensive purposes, a genre film that is played rather straight despite the downright raunchy nature of the jokes within. David Gordon Green and McBride both get kudos for paying homage to the genre while still slipping in plenty of dick jokes and also a large minotaur penis as a trophy. Man that thing haunts my dreams.

I found it to be hilarious most of the time and just campy enough to keep it from going absolute bat-shit crazy. Worth checking out considering the mix of high and low brow that they snuck into this one.

RATING:  7/10