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RAW or Smackdown? Who came out ahead?

Honestly I think the big winner is Smackdown for the amount of mid-card and emerging talent that is now going to be holding down the Friday night slot.

Let's hit the big bulletpoints shall we?


  • John Cena  - I was just as shocked as all of you when I saw that the face of the damn company got tossed over to the "B" show, but it soon faded away once he was drafted BACK to RAW. I wish they had stuck with it, but thats mostly because I want a heel turn. Oh well.
  • Rey Mysterio - A great pickup for the RAW roster seeing as how Sin Cara is now heading to Smackdown. Rey is still a solid in-ring worker and, let's face it, the guy is a babyface like no other. Overall great acquisition.
  • Randy Orton - His move to Smackdown got me REAL excited. He will be a ratings boost for the Friday night show and, honestly, it doesn't have hurt to have a guy that over on Smackdown does it? Not at all, my friends!
  • Alberto del Rio - This was expected considering the push he's getting. I was fine with the move though I hope that the push continues and he doesn't somehow end up sinking into the mid-card like so many other hopefuls before him.
  • Sin Cara - An excellent move what with Rey flipping shows as well. He hasn't fit in just yet to the WWE style, but he's getting there. Even with the botched spots and the entrance (which will get tweaked more I bet) he'll find a place on Smackdown and I see big things in the future for this masked hero.
  • Big Show - The other half of the tag team champions is moving back to RAW. Its impressive just how big of a face the Giant is right now. The tag team division is unified anyways so there's no problem with him making appearances on both shows and the same goes with Kane. So, all is well with the Knucklehead.
  • Mark Henry - The World's Sexiest Man is going to Smackdown? Great I guess? I didn't really give a damn other than the fact that Mark Henry is sexual chocolate personified. DAMN!


That covers the big drafts on last Monday's RAW but what of the other draft picks? They occurred the next day and it was a long process that, frankly, was a bit overdone but whatever. There were some great acquisitions for Smackdown made here. Here are the highlights:


  • Daniel Bryan - This is a big deal for the up and coming star and I think that superstardom is in the cards for this in-ring technician.
  • Sheamus - The US Champion is making his way to Smackdown. Fridays will never be better. I love to make fun of this Irish bastard but hes a great in-ring worker and it was a REAL travesty that his match with Bryan didn't make TV at Wrestlemania.
  • William Regal  - Honestly who doesn't love William Regal? The guy is class all the way and one of the few veterans that still proves, time and time again, that he REALLY needs to be a bigger part of things in terms of titles and storylines.
  • Yoshi Tatsu - Seriously? Did you see this guy work in the short-lived ECW? He was awesome and I hope this means more greatness to come.
  • Ted Debiase - Interesting. Cody Rhodes, Debiase and Orton are back on the same show. He needs an overhaul on his character BAD especially if Rhodes continues down this Dr. Doom road he's venturing down.


The biggest pick of the draft definitely went to Smackdown with Orton, but the supplemental draft, usually a bit boring, proved to be quite interesting and well worth following this year. RAW had some strong picks with Kofi Kingston, Chris Masters, Jack Swagger, and Drew McIntyre. Could this be the year of the Scottsman? I hope so. Kofi will continue to entertain and bring the "Boom, Boom, Boom!" while Swagger will continue to prove that he is one of the best young talents in the industry at the moment. Just get away from the Michael Cole trainer angle will you? Let's not forget Masters either who has improved over the last year immensely despite the dancing pectorals silliness.


The roster on Smackdown is VERY solid now while RAW is more of a mess than ever. There will, of course, be releases made in the next few months as always but it'll be interesting to see how things play out with Orton on Friday nights. I, for one, will be watching eagerly.

AuthorThe Scrivener