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This movie is exactly what you thought it was going to be. There will be instances of just awful dialogue between jaw-dropping action sequences. Vin Diesel will persist in making the character of Dominic Toretto not much more than a slab of rock and Paul Walker has obviously been practicing on how to be god damn bland as he can be. There will be cars that go REALLY fast, explosions of Michael Bay magnitude and lots of people will probably die. Well, not probably, they will. 

All that said I enjoyed the HELL out of this movie. We've got what is, essentially, a heist movie mixed in with some 90's action flick sensibilities with Maxim appeal. There is a scene in the beginning where Dwayne johnson first appears on screen as Hobbs, FBI Taskforce Leader, that I was able to nearly say word-for-word as he was uttering the lines. There is no shortage of eye candy for male or female in this movie. The cars are fly, the action over the top and honestly the plot was decent. It smacked of Ocean's 11 and, frankly, I loved it. Bad Boys II kept flashing before my eyes and director Justin Lin definitely keep the pacing, at least for the action setpieces, brisk and entertaining. I kept waiting for a "Aaaahhhh hell nnnnooo!" moment to happen before my very eyes.

Dwayne Johnson was a VERY welcome edition to the film and, honestly, I think he proved yet again that this guy has what it takes to be the definitive action star in Hollywood. The collision between Diesel and Johnson in this movie was exactly what I hoped it would be. I was actually on the edge of my seat! Really!

I could fill you in on the specifics of the story but I'll just sum it up this way. Dom, Brian and Mia are down Rio de Janeiro way and in need of cash. An opportunity presents itself, cars are stolen, drug lords are taken on and, perhaps, one of the most batshit crazy car chase sequences I've ever seen that laughs at the laws of physics and just general reality is the result.

The action is fantastic while the rest of it is, well, what you'd expect from the franchise. All that said? Justin Lin has managed to deliver the best film of the series. Its not just about hitting the streets and racing anymore. 

The franchise has been evolving since the last movie and its a welcome change. I will see the sixth one when it comes out now. Guaranteed, amigo. Oh! Stick around after the first credit sequence. Worth the wait I promise. All of this praise comes from a man who, for the most part, kept away from this franchise. I didn't really know if I was even going to enjoy the movie and it turned out that the Summer Movie Season is now in full effect. 

Don't believe me? Go check it out for yourself and see if you aren't entertained thoroughly. This is entertainment that allows one to just check your mind at the door and just enjoy yourself. Escapism at its best as Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are now apparently superhuman in their ability to steal things, drive fast and just be gigantic badasses. Summer popcorn movie alert! Summer has now started.

RATING: 7.5/10

AuthorThe Scrivener