Having been raised on an abundant amount of action films, I can say that I also have a passion for all things martial arts. It doesn’t even really matter to me what the genre or subclass is- Jackie Chan, Shaw Bros., old school, new school, or of course Bruce Li comes to mind. Hell, it doesn’t even matter if the movie is good or not. And trust me; I’ve seen some pretty crappy fight flicks. The following clips are so kick ass that I will spare you the monologues just so that you can have enough time to appreciate the awesomeness. Enjoy, Pai Mei Demands it.

City of Violence (Final Scene)

These 3 clips are from the final fight scene of City of Violence. It has everything you can think of. Great choreography? Check. Great settings? Check. J-Pop AND spaghetti western music scores? You bet your ass.

Kung Fu Hustle

These are probably my two favorite clips of the entire movie, and that’s not including the final fight scene. Not to mention that even my fiancé Lauren enjoys them. This Stephen Chow masterpiece combined comedy, cg effects and great choreography to slap you so hard with a Buddhist’ Palm. This movie even showed that you dont have to be young to be a martial arts master.