Something Borrowed

How's this for your contrast? We switch gears from the rip-roarin' adventure of the God of Thunder to a romantic comedy starring Kate Hudson, Ginnifer Goodwin and John Krasinski. 

This was, by all accounts, a by-the-numbers rom-com that featured a surprisingly strong performance by Kate Hudson but not much else. Well, John Krasinski definitely helps a bit by offering his usual Office-style comedic timing and what not, but there's not much else I could say was great about the film.

There are interesting premises here that are dashed away rather quickly without being explored. There are bits of dialogue that made me roll my eyes, and also some that actually got a genuine laugh out of me. It was a real mixed bag for me and, honestly, I'm not one to out-and-out hate a film just because it is in the romantic-comedy genre. There have been some great ones, but this isn't one of them.

So, we've got Kate Hudson playing a stuck-up bitch, which she plays VERY well, getting ready to get hitched to a man, Dex, that both her and her best friend, Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) have known since their college days. 

There was a surprising amount of manipulation and just downright shitty behavior going on between numerous characters within the film. The relationship with Darcy and Rachel is, to put it lightly, a terrible one in which Darcy continually railroads her supposed best friend into doing whatever she wants. Rachel, being the doormat, usually succumbs to Darcy's whims but her newfound relationship with Dex might be the thing to give her some spine. 

The things that were great about the movie, mostly the premise of what would happen in such a fucked up situation are mostly glossed over without much thought to the actual consequences. That and the characters, at times, being RATHER unlikable made for an experience that was tempered with the knowledge that this was just a romantic comedy that COULD have been pretty good. 

Hudson's performance outshadows nearly everyone else aside from Krasinski. The star-vehicle for Goodwin turned out to be rather lackluster in terms of her performance. Maybe a better script would have allowed her to shine more but it sure as hell didn't happen here. The guy playing Dex, Colin Egglesfield, gives a forgettable performance at best. The other characters on the periphery didn't really make much of an impression otherwise.

The scripting ranged from okay to awful at times while the performances were all over the place. The problem with the way things progressed is that I felt that no one really deserved a happy ending aside from Krasinki's character. Oh well. That's how Hollywood works. Major emotional strife gets brushed off like so much dandruff and we're all left wondering "That seemed a little too easy."

This isn't the worst rom-com I've seen in the last few years, but it certainly won't be mentioned up there with the greats like Annie Hall and When Harry Met Sally. 

RATING: 5/10

AuthorThe Scrivener