El Jefe de Santo finds that there is no greater thrill than entertaining thousands in the arena and millions watching around the world thanks to his patented Quadruple Tilt-A-Whirl Hurricanrana Buster. A close second, for the Masked Wonder anyway, is to monitor the rest of the business like a noble Mexicano hawk. The problem is there isn't much to watch aside from WWE that isn't of poor quality. So, El Jefe de Santo will always make sure to keep an eye out for the latest trends, possible changes and the best matches the WWE has to offer. Here is his take on the latest PPV event, Over The Limit.

This Sunday shall bring yet another WWE Pay-Per-View and perhaps this time I can actually watch the day it airs. (Seriously you suck Suddenlink. You STILL tried to charge for me it.) We have an interesting match in the main event. What's that you say? A match involving John Cena being interesting? Blasphemy.

Not really. We all know that the guy is a fan of the "I Quit" stipulation as he's already proven in 2005, 2009 and 2010. Hell he even used this same event last year to get Batista to utter those two awful words. The match feeds into the superhuman persona that Cena and WWE Creative have cultivated for the guy for years now. It just, well, works for him and honestly the matches have been entertaining at the very least.

The feud between Cena and The Miz has gone on for a while now and has actually lasted longer than I anticipated. There aren't many avenues left to explore here in terms of where the story can go and if recent news of a Cena/Del Rio program leading up to Summerslam are to believed then Over the Limit should the culmination of aforementioned rivalry. 

I don't think Cena will be dropping the title by means, but I think that there is an opportunity here to really establish The Miz not only as a great heel but as a star. The Rock already helped to give Miz a definite push in that department, and the beginnings of the feud with the Dr. of Thuganomics were quite good actually. The problem is that over time it has sort of fizzled out and most just want it to be over. 

So, Cena won't be saying "I Quit" but how long will it take for Miz to utter those words? This won't be a squash match, but I'm unsure of just how long Miz will hold out for. If the boys in Creative really want to knock it out of the park here you have Miz endure an ungodly amount of heavy offense from Cena and perhaps some real pain. Let Miz do what Orton did when he locked horns with Foley in that Street Fight match. Orton really showed that he has the backbone and the fortitude to be a dynamic force in the WWE with that match and I think Miz needs this as a feather in his cap. 

There have been rumors, as there always are with the Internet community, that a possible double-turn might be in the works? I've been a fan of the Cena heel-turn idea for some time now, but I don't think it'll really happen on Sunday. It would be amazing, though, if Cena starts making the move towards the other side during the match due to a competitor in Miz that refuses to say "I Quit!". A perfect ending, in my mind, would be one in which The Awesome One kicks out of multiple Attitude Adjustments, doesn't give in to an STF and finally gets knocked unconscious by a Cena that has perhaps gone too far to keep the gold.

We're not taking a full turn or anything but maybe the first steps down the road towards being a heel. Let's not kid ourselves here as Cena is this generation's Hulk Hogan. Hogan, however, did turn heel after years of being the babyface of the industry. It was one of the turning points in the entire history of professional wrestling when he dropped the leg on Savage and became "Hollywood" Hogan. I've already discussed with colleagues, friends and family of mine the notion that one enterprising contributor on Bleacher Report brought up about Cena already being a heel. Honestly with the crowd's reaction to him and his attitude perhaps he is? That is another discussion entirely, though.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that would love to see this match become much more than a PG-rated affair, but I won't hold my breath. 

This match needs to be solid, at the very least, because what does Miz have to look forward to now? A possible feud with Jericho later maybe? There really aren't enough strong faces to work the heels in the stables as it is now so the culmination of this feud with Cena needs to be great.

The other matches on the card range from "Who gives a shit?" to possible "Dark Horse" matches. The Orton/Christian match promises to be another classic as the match they put together on Smackdown was phenomenal. Leave it to Captain Charisma to still hit a homerun even if he did only hold the belt for less than a week. 

Sin Cara v. Chavo will inevitably be added to the card as well and it could be an interesting match, though nothing stellar. This could serve well for the young luchador in further assimilating himself into the fabric of the WWE. 

Overall my expectations are muzzled considering just how awful the PPVs between Wrestlemania and Summerslam can be. Extreme Rules turned out to be a fantastic show, though, so perhaps Over the Limit won't disappoint. We, as the WWE Universe, can only hope so.

AuthorThe Scrivener