YouTube happens to be the most visited site on the Internet by Masked Wonders such as El Jefe de Santo. He may not be a storyteller via video podcasts or weekly uploads, but he can certainly appreciate those who do a damn fine job of it. His stories are told in the ring, written in blood, sweat and Mexican dignity. All that said the following is the first in a series of posts focusing on YouTube content creators and why you NEED to follow them.


Saharadrac ( Starcraft 2 Gamecaster)

The sequel to the worldwide phenomenon of Starcraft, aptly named Starcraft 2, has quickly taken the world by storm and millions more have succumb to its siren song. It is a game of rock-solid mechanics, high strategy and being able to destroy your enemies with either rutheless efficiency or merciless battles of attrition. The approach to a game of Starcraft can differ greatly between players and watching this digital warfare unfold is interesting, to say the least.

One of the best things that has come from the emergence of the game, and especially since YouTube has become as pivotal a part of the Internet as it has, are the gamecasts. Commentary provided for games that would normally just be 15-20 minute matches with only in-game sound to accompany them. Those who would dare to stake their claim in this burgeoning field are few, but even less are actually GOOD at it. The number that excel and are considered awesome, though, is smaller still.

All of this leads me to one of my favorite channels on YouTube, Saharadrac

Sahara is a fellow that not only has the voice for the work, but the wit and timing to really make these videos engaging and fun to watch. I've shown these casts to people who don't even play it, know about it really or let alone watch videos of someone else playing a video game, and they've loved them. Humor is a big factor as to why he's so damn good at it, but it also comes from the clear passion he has for this game.

He is, first and foremost, a fan of this game. The love he showcases in the quality of his gamecasts is second to none and there are others who come close, Husky and Crota perhaps, but none really make me give a damn about the game like Sahara does.

He has also traveled to Norway to talk of the impact Starcraft has had globally on the industry and also in culture. So rad.

That is seriously amazing that a guy doing commentary on a video game was asked to speak in a University setting such as this. The jokes within were great and he did a great job as an ambassador of the community at large. 

When the Beta for Starcraft II was in full swing Sahara really got his start into casting and it didn't take long for word to spread and subscribers started to add up.  This was the beginning of some of the much-needed humor his viewers were going to get with their Starcraft.

Later videos would attest to just how good he really is. He has nearly 10,000 subscribers right now but deserves many thousands more. The community at large needs to take a look at Sahara because, for my money, he is the best there is. He knows the game inside and out, can compete in it and keeps the commentary fresh and interesting. I always look forward to notifications of new uploads from Sahara's feed.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite games that he's done work on. We get not only some prime Tychus impersonations here, but just some magnificent comments that get worked in between detailing the action. Just awesome.

Check out his casts even if you don't follow Starcraft 2 heavily. They're entertaining as hell and, frankly, none of them are hosted by a guy that tall and dashing! Always great stuff from Sahara!



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