His name is synoymous, to those in the know, with quality. His in-ring work speaks for itself while his microphone skills have only elevated him to near legendary status among his peers. His name is CM Punk and he is better than you.

I know this sounds like a love letter to guy, but stay with me here. He is a the center of a storm of controversy that is not only drawing the attention of many that wouldn't normally pay attention to the WWE and wrestling, in general, but also helping to craft a storyline that actually matters.

We all know the score with John Cena. He is the Kal-El of McMahon's crown jewel, World Wrestling Entertainment. I have opined before on why I feel Cena should eventually turn back to being a heel as opposed to the massive face he has become. We know that even if he does lose the title it won't be for long. His match with The Rock is already set for the next Wrestlemania. He is booed nearly as much as he is cheered and the WWE Universe has a strange relationship with the man from West Newberry as a whole.

Stale is a word that has been bandied about the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) regarding the storylines WWE creative has churned out in recent years. This, however, is far from it.

CM Punk and his "shoot" promo on Monday Night RAW two weeks ago kickstarted an already decent build towards a match with John Cena at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. The rant was something that, at the time, felt unscripted and very raw. It felt like Punk was pouring his heart out there in Washington DC to any and all who would hear. I want to hear him and I know I'm not alone.

CM Punk has went from just a faceless guy in a searsucker suit in Cena's Wrestlemania 22 entrance to being one of the the premier stars the WWE has. You might not know that for all the awful stables they've saddled him with and the brief title run he had. He has, as of late, proven his worth, though. He has given a voice to a growing tide of feeling among fans that has only gotten stronger over the past five years. It is not just the cynical fan that yearns for change but even the casual fan can see that the WWE needs to evolve.

His "conversation" with Vince McMahon on RAW last night (7/11) was only further proof that CM Punk is a vital part of the company. He exhibited a swagger and a fire in his time in the ring and he also managed to drag a part of Cena out that we haven't seen in a while. It was the pissed off Boston kid that takes no shit and reminded us all of just why he clawed his way to the top. Both stars were tenacious in their brief exchange of words that ended with Cena planting a right across the jaw of Punk. It was a moment filled with excitement and genuine tension that we haven't seen on RAW in a while. We got to see a shadow of the Doctor of Thuganomics again and it was great.


He made a remark, in particular, that resonated with me. "Vince you don't know what a superstar in 2011 is supposed to be. Apologize to these people!" It was as if he was reading directly from any messageboard, comment section or blog you can imagine. He mentions Colt Cabana again on air and rattles on about bieng the "voice of the voiceless". Seriously compellng stuff.

I have a feeling that, ultimately, things will get worked out behind the scenes to keep Punk wrestling under the WWE banner but damn if we won't get a great match on an already solid card for the Money in the Bank PPV. I can only hope that the Straight Edge Savior will finally get his due and become the superstar he should be.

This is a case of Vince NEEDING to embrace the younger generation of star instead of clinging to the stalwart personalities that built the company in the 90's and early 2000's. Evolution has to occur at some point and a fellow such as CM Punk can serve as a harbinger of that.

Plus he likes Pokemon. Yes.



AuthorThe Scrivener