Every so often I get a little behind on my book reading and have a pile of books to read to get current. I thought we’d take a quick look and see what’s in the pile and why it’s here.

AvX #12: I have read this. AvX is very broad so if you want see the fights between your favorites you’ll want to catch up on AvX Vs., Avengers and Uncanny X-Men. This is also the catalyst for MARVEL NOW! so be ready.

Batman Incorporated #0: Find out who are the Batmen of Australia, Paris, Japan, Russia and other places of interest. Batman goes global a its been a fun ride so far. Pick up here or at issue #1.

FF 22: These are the adventures of Franklin and Valeria Richards along with their fellow students of Mr. Fantastic’s Future Foundation. It’s big galaxy adventure with the kids and grown-ups of The Fantastic 4. The art in this issue is really fun to look at.

Star Trek The Next Generation Doctor Who Assimilation Squared: Two of the most beloved names in science fiction together in one book. The art takes a little getting used to but seeing The Doctor with Picard is a lot of fun.


Earth 2 #5: My favorite book of the New 52. The characters are coming together very nicely, the story is moving quickly and the art of Nicola Scott and Trevor Scott really pops. I highly recommend starting from the beginning.

Archer & Armstrong 1 & 2: In the 90s this was considered one of the best “buddy” comics. Now it’s being re-launched along with many of Valiant’s flagship titles this year. You’ll be amazed at how much fun a religious zealot assassin and an immortal can have together.


Ghostbusters #13: Another favorite. This isn’t a bad pick up point but I do recommend starting at the beginning or at the start of Haunted America run. This book is a must read for Ghostbuster fans.

That’s really just a quick skim of the pile, there is so much more. Don’t forget to head out to your local comic book store October 10th to get in on the ground floor of MARVEL NOW! It looks like it’s going to be fun.

Happy Readings.

AuthorMr. Matt