Here we are one year into DC’s New 52. Its been quite the ride so far what with angry fanboys whinging about continuity, new outfit designs and some writers/artists going on hilarious twitter rantings and ravings, I thought I’d throw in my two cents on what the 0 issues are all about.

    A lot of people have been asking “What are the 0 issues about?” In short its a real nifty way for both seasoned readers and new readers to get ready for the year ahead. The 0 issues are telling stories about the worlds and the characters that now exist in DC’s New 52. So far we’ve seen the tragedy and battles that forged the relationship of Robin and Supergirl of Earth 2 in Worlds’ Finest #0. Speaking of Earth 2, in the #0 issue of Earth 2 some light has been shined on Terry Sloan and his past on Earth 2 as well as the source of the pits of fire that were seen in the first issue of Earth 2. In Green Lantern #0 we’re introduced to the newest Lantern Simon Baz who goes from suspected terrorist to the newest Ring Slinger in sector 2814.

    Its a really great opportunity to jump on the DC New 52 bandwagon especially with the big crossover events such as Animal Man and Swamp Thing in Rot World and Green Lanterns’ Rise of The Third Army. Myself, I’m looking forward to seeing the reformation of the JSA in Earth 2, the adventures of Huntress and Power Girl in Worlds’ Finest and what shape the Green Lanterns and other Color Corps will be in after the Guardians of the Universe take another shot at a do over, because the Man-Hunters worked out like gangbusters.

Happy Readings

AuthorMr. Matt