Now that the confetti has been cleaned up instead of reviewing 2012 I’ve decided to take a look at what’s coming in 2013 that has me and should have you excited. Whether it’s movies or news there is PLENTY to make 2013 a very exciting year.

The Movies: 2013 is absolutely packed with new releases, remakes and rereleases to keep everyone flocking to their favorite cinema or drive-in. Here is a few to look forward to.

This April Jurassic Park roars back into theaters 20 years after it’s original release and in glorious 3D. As though there weren’t  enough scares the first time with the T-Rex and Velociraptors now they’ll be leaping out of the screen at you. Look out April 5th.


I am aware that both Star Trek into Darkness and Iron Man 3 both come out in May BUT I wanted to show some love to one my favorite books and directors with The Great Gatsby. Baz Lurmann brings his outrageous vision to 1920’s New York high society with Leonardo DiCaprio starring as Gatsby. Look for the green light May 10th, unless delayed AGAIN.


Man of Steel. I would be more nervous about Zack Snyder directing this movie if it weren’t for Chris Nolan standing behind him quietly whispering “Don’t do that.”. June 14th can’t come soon enough.

The Games: Of course the year is packed with new games coming soon, unless they were being developed by THQ. Let’s look at a few things coming up.

E3 is rife with rumors and expectations. The biggest rumor being whether or not we get a glimpse of either Microsoft or Sony’s newest consoles. There are the conferences and presentations to watch and live tweet. I’m hoping for big news from the House of Miyamoto but it’s what I always look forward to as a huge Nintendork.


Animal Crossing New Leaf: I’ve been on pins and needles since this title was announced. After completely selling out in Japan, knocking off Black Ops 2 from the best seller list and two delays in North America expectations could not be higher for this 3DS title. Available sometime hopefully before E3.


GTA V: The best claim to be getting better. Boasting a world to be much bigger than Liberty City in GTA IV and at least 3 interactive storylines that the player can choose to play and even slicker looking graphics, this game is shaping up to be the must have game of the year.

The News: Really I just wanted highlight a couple of hearings from the Supreme Court. First is whether or not the right of marriage can be taken away by voters after it has been granted by the state. Second is a case against DOMA, the defence of marriage act, brought forward by 83 year old Edith Windsor. DOMA bans all federal recognition of same sex married couples. Both cases are landmarks in the move to make America a true land of the free. Arguments a scheduled to be heard in March with rulings not expected until June.

    There is a lot of big doings coming in 2013. Be it movies, news, games or anything else I may have forgotten.Good luck to all of you with your resolutions whatever they may be and let’s get in front of the new year.

AuthorMr. Matt