I love old school gaming. Gunman Clive from Horberg Productions brings together many wonderful old school gaming elements together in a slick looking package available for iPhone, Android and Nintendo 3DS through eShop. For this review I’ll be playing the 3DS version.

    The first thing you’ll notice is the distinctive art style. It kinda looks like the western version of the world from the A Ha video for Take on Me. Its a little minimalist but very charming. The 3D is used to create depth of scenery rather than have things flying out at you while playing. Music, by Arne Horberg, is very reminiscent of the old 8-bit tunes but with a modern sound. The gameplay is pretty straight forward, good ol’ side scrolling, platforming shooting.

    The fun of Gunman Clive is running, jumping, shooting and trying to beat the clock, no set number of lives just get through the level as quick as possible and with minimal deaths. This is where you get your two dollars and change’s worth from the game. You’re trying to get the best time while trying not to die by bandit, bullet, duck, wolf, bomb dropping pelican, dynamite, robots, pits, spikes and lasers. You Get through all that and face some really big and awesome bosses. You’ll have some firepower to pick up like exploding bullet, trace shot, laser and even spread shot, classic.The adventure takes you through scenes of the old west, the forest, a train and even the moon, game takes place in 18XX lol. For all it’s simplicity the game is actually challenging. Even after you play through as Clive and save Ms. Johnson, play through again as Ms. Johnson and save Clive. Finish that try it all on Hard and as an unarmed duck, yeah it’s a challenge.

    All in all for the price you’re getting a good amount of game. I know I’ll be coming back to it on my 3DS and you can get it on your phone. Happy gaming.

AuthorMr. Matt