I will admit, when E-readers first made their appearance on the scene I was hesitant to go out and buy one. There is just something visceral about the feel and the smell of an old paperback or hardback book. Here's the thing though, for people such as myself who read and reread books that we love to death, E-readers are great. No more re-buying books that the duct tape won't hold together anymore.

Nook by Barnes and Nobles, and Amazon's Kindle are the two most popular choices of e-readers, Apple and Google also have e-book stores for Apple and Android devices. Nook and Kindle have devices as simple as Nook Simple touch and the original Kindle which run E-Ink technology, or as complicated as the Nook Tablet HD+ and Kindle Fire HD. For those that want a book like feel I would recommend the Simple Touch or the original Kindle. E-Ink is not back lit and looks like ink and paper. There is no glare on the screen, but the drawback is no back light built in. You have to use a book light. From there E-readers only get fancier. We have readers with back lights all the way to Tablets like the Nook HD and HD+ and the Kindle Fire HD. Most people are pretty familiar with tablets, but I will say that if you aren't sure you want a tablet, but you are sure that you want an E-reader, the Nook and Kindle are cheaper than your Samsung and Apple counterparts. Kindle and Nook have apps available for Android and Apple products that are downloadable for free. The apps will sync with your library so that you can read your digital books even if you don't have your E-reader with you.

Nook and Kindle Tablets add in a lot of features on top of your standard E-readers such as Netflix, Hulu plus, Nook Video, and Amazon instant video. Both also include a browser, Apps such as Facebook and Twitter, and many popular Android games and apps. If you are willing to drop 500 dollars on an E-reader, the Kindle Fire HD has a 4G LTE version with service through ATT that you can take anywhere Nook does not have a 4G version, but it is Wireless.


Both Barnes and Nobles and Amazon have millions of e-books, magazines, comic books, and even catalogs to choose from. Anything from best sellers, to Pulitzer prize winners, to new authors trying to get themselves out there. Marvel and DC both have their comic books and graphic novels up digitally. Books that you buy are saved so that wherever you read, you can access your books through the Cloud.

For me this means no more re-buying my favorite books as they fall apart, because I have them forever digitally. Also, there are free books available for both Nook and Kindle. Both Amazon and Barnes and Nobles have a list of books that are lendable. This means that you can lend certain books that are tagged lendable to your other friends with E-readers. Lendable books can be checked out for 14 days. Amazon takes it one step further with their Amazon prime service with a list of 180,000 lendable books that can be checked out with no due dates from their website.


Public libraries have a selection of E-books that can be checked out if you have a library card for free. If you are really into library books there are many libraries around the country that will give out of towners a library card for a small fee. Then you have free access to other libraries as well. Also there are websites out there that have free public domain books that can also be downloaded to any E-reader that uses the E pub format. One such site is http://www.gutenberg.org/.


I heartily recommend E-readers for bibliophiles. Constant access to an entire library, and constant access to a bookstore is totally fantastic for people like myself that is always in need of a book to read.