These Are 5 Webcomics That Are Well Worth Your Distraction

Nemu Nemu




Quite possibly one of the cutest and funniest comics on the internet. Nemu and Anpan are magical pups that like to go on adventures, eat pizza and grilled cheese sammiches, and learn from their friends Anise Kurobu and Kana Mezurashi. Stories by Audra Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga and art by Audra Furuichi. Beginning in 2006 there is a lot of fun, cute content to catch up on including stories about The Ultimate Tokusatsu Hero Henshin Rider, The Bug Sisters Cyan Cicada, Crimson Scarab and Yellow Jacket, and Galaxy Explorer Supreme: Enchilada. Updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday, this will be one of the funnest strips you read this week.




Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five


Do you like Roller Derby? Are you captivated by women in roller skates and fishnets? OF COURSE YOU ARE! Bonnie N. Collide, Nine to Five, written and drawn by Monica Gallagher, follows Bonnie as she tries to navigate office life, love and derby matches. What’s really fun is the look into the derby life, what can I say, these girls roll hard (it's OK to laugh at that).  Ongoing since 2008 there is plenty to get caught up on and make sure to subscribe to  get all the latest Bonnie. I really love that Bonnie is a lot of lighthearted fun poking at office culture and dating. Also there is a werewolf, see if you can find him. Check out Ms. Gallagher’s other works while visiting.


All New Issues


Taking place in a comic book store, All New Issues revolves around Jason, the owner of Silver Rage Comics, Todd, his employee, and Robyn, his best friend. All New Issues touches on places a lot of us have been, be it broke, working retail, or chasing our fandom for better or worse. All New Issues has a lot of heart and humor with complex relationships be it between friends, lovers, customers. Written by Bill Ellis and Dani O’Brien with art by Bill Ellis, updates Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays. I highly recommend this strip because each character is so well fleshed out you find yourself relating to one of them and see your friends in the others.



Ink On The Side

2013-06-24-Guess who is happiest.jpg

Written and drawn by Sareen Akharjalian this comic comes by way of Beirut Lebanon. What I really love here is the earnest look at life in the middle east. It’s fun having this kind of insight to a country/area that you may know little about.  Make sure to give a visit, have a laugh and sign up for the updates.


Girls With Slingshots


If this strip alone doesn't get you to click the link below, then click the link below anyhoo and enjoy.  Beginning in 2004, Girls With Slingshots updates DAILY, so there is lots to read and every Monday-Friday there is something new for you because Danielle Corsetto loves you. Her characters run the gamut of sexuality featuring gay characters, straight characters, drag queens, dominatrixes, asexual people and girls with magical boobs, you’re gonna love Jamie McJack. This was the comic that got me into webcomics and I grateful for it.


I really enjoy webcomics. Growing up I always love reading the sunday comics and the weekday comics. Webcomics are unique in that these writers and artists aren’t bound by editors, sales or even standards and practices. They’re free to tell the stories they want to tell and we get the benefit of stories that reflect our lives, make us laugh or give us an insight into a way of living we may never knew existed. These 5 are the ones I come back to everyday and that's why they’re here. If you don’t find something you like here then by all means please keep looking. Check some at or click any of the links available at the these sites. Often these strips are labors of love by working people who just want to tell a story.

AuthorMr. Matt