Nintendo is bringing its exercise/health and well being title to the Wii U. HD graphics look great and the Trainers have received a makeover and better display which muscles you should be working during your training.  


The Fit Meter is really neat in that it uses a three axis accelerometer and can not only record the number of steps you’ve taken but also changes in height. The Fit Meter can also display Time, Temp, Est. Calories Burned, Calories you’d like to burn, height traveled since you left home and can graph METS and Calories all from that little display. Now here’s where things get cuckoo, the software will be available for FREE to download from November 1st 2013 to January 31st 2014. This is great IF you already own a Wii Balance Board, you can play all 77 games for free for one month, BUT, if you purchase the Fit Meter and sync it with the software via the Wii U Gamepad, you then get to keep the software for free and ever. So IF you already own the Balance Board you’re only going to be out the cost of the Fit Meter which is $19.99 plus tax.  There will be two bundles released during the holiday season, a bundle with the game disc and Fit Meter and a bundle with the game disc, a Wii Balance Board and Fit Meter, prices unavailable at the time I’m writing this.  One really cool thing they’ve kicked in is you can make communities with people online so you can get and give support to your fellow Wii Fit enthusiasts



Nintendo has taken the original 5 Wii Sports games that launched with Nintendo Wii, updated them with HD graphics, given them Wii Motionplus support and Online Play! Yes! Bowl, Box, Golf, Tennis and Baseball with players all around the world!  The games will be released individually at about $10 dollars each, plus tax, OR, you can get a Day Pass and play all available games for 24 hours for $1.99 plus tax. So play them all, get the ones you want or don’t. I just want to get in on some online golf action. Wii Sports Club launches with Boxing and Tennis available November 7th 2013.



The big game here is of course Super Mario 3D World. I loved Mario 3D Land on the 3DS. This is an all new adventure that can be played alone or with 4 players and instead of Mario, Luigi and two non descript Toads, it’s Mario, Luigi, Toad and Princess Peach all with their abilities a la Super Mario 2. New power ups include a Cat Suit which allows you to claw bad guys and run up walls, Goomba Masks, Cherries that make controllable duplicates of your character and a Piranha  Plant you can carry in a pot that eats bad guys.  The game looks spectacular and seems to build upon a lot of what made Mario 3D Land so good on the 3DS. Game launches November 22 2013.


DELAYED!! Looks like all the HD barrel blasting fun has been set back to February of 2014









I’ll admit, I haven’t played any of the previous entries in Assassin's Creed series but you put assassination missions AND pirate ship combat into one game and you have my attention.  Available October 29th 2013







 Launching on October 12th 2013 Pokemon X and Y are the latest editions of the Pokemon series and PokeFans could not be happier. I actually have a friend who bought the 3DS after the announcement of Pokemon X and Y. That’s how popular the series is, it moves hardware, don’t know if it will move this hardware though…




Meet the little mutant system for your little mutants. The 2DS boasts all the software abilities of the 3DS, Street Pass, AR Card Games, e-Shop access etc, plays both Nintendo DS and 3DS games just without the 3D in a Tablet style design .  Retailing for $129.99 plus tax this maybe the best place to start if you haven’t picked up a 3DS and are wary about playing in 3D.








I couldn’t be more excited about this game.  It takes place in the world of LOZ A Link to The Past set in a distant future with a new Link. What I’m really looking forward to here is You as the player will have the option of how to take on the dungeons. The developers are giving you the items via a rental shop and its up to you how to go about saving this world. The LOZ team has been wanting to get away from the linear dungeon play of past Zelda games and open up the world for the player to explore. To me this looks like the prototype of gameplay the developers are wanting to implement into the next Legend of Zelda that will be  released on the Wii U. The 3DS Legend begins November 22 2013


I’ve never played any of these games but I know of the devotion to the series by it’s fans so I have no OBJECTION!! telling you the latest edition, available exclusively for Nintendo 3DS, arrives October 24th 2013.

I hope you found this info useful. If you want more info and details the Nintendo Directs are available to view in full in the Nintendo Direct Archives here http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/archive/

Thats all for now fellow Nintendorks. Now lets' go play with Power!

AuthorMr. Matt