There are few things more exciting than the tingle a well-cut and exciting trailer can instil in a cinema-goer. One of the best parts about the cinematic experience is experiencing the highs and, inevitable, lows of the upcoming features that will be barreling our way soon. We might get tantalized by a new political thriller or the latest big studio/big budget blockbuster. No matter the genre if the trailer is well produced it can garner attention. This is the start of a weekly feature that will showcase some of the best trailers this week. They range from indie films to huge potential blockbusters. 

I'm all about documentaries about one of my absolute favorite hobbies: video games. We've gotten some gems in the last five years or so in King of KongChasing Ghosts, and Tilt. This is another what I hope are a long line of filmmakers critically examining and putting a lens up to a jobby that is downright ridiculous at times (I say this as one of those ridiculous people).  We've got a documentary that looks like it will shine a light on a growing group of people who treasure the 80's and the gaming from that era. They want to bring back the arcade and are doing so with a fanaticism that is all at once arresting and a bit off-putting. I can't wait to check this out.

Alright. This next one is big. I'm talking "maybe the biggest film of the year" big. 

Three words: Man. Of. Steel.

I don't even..

Once I watched this one for about the sixth time I started to analyze every little nuance of it. We have here, the first, in my opinion, REAL trailer for what could very well be the biggest blockbuster of the year. We know the score here: Zack Snyder (Watchmen300) is directing with Christopher Nolan (Dark Knight trilogy) producing. Prior trailers gaves us only brief glimpses at the Last Son of Krypton either as teenager, working on a fishing vessel or zooming off into the stratosphere. 

We, finally, get a taste of some of the action that Man of Steel is going to punch through our faces with. I found myself giddy as he zoomed through Metropolis and impacted with Zod more than once. I caught myself grinning like a madman as I saw him leaping forward to catch a falling girder wreathed in flame. There is an amazing exchange between Pa Kent and Clark the younger as well. Pa explains that he must find his purpose and that is meant for so much more. "But I can't be your son?" Clark asks pleadingly. Pa Kent just takes the young boy in his arms and tells him, "Of course you. are. You are my son." There was a SURPRISING amount of emotional impact behind that statement. 

Maybe best of all, though, is we get to really see Zod (Michael Shannon). He will pursue Superman doggedly. He will "FIND HIM" and he will seek out his destruction. Shannon is one of those actors who can easily go off the deep end with a character and not seem hokey or too far over-the-top to be taken seriously. Zod is frightening and unhinged and I loved every scant second of it.


Next up we have James McAvoy playing a corrupt cop who just relishes every second of his debauchery and mayhem. One of many films the Scottish-born actor has coming up in 2013 and this might be the most fun one of all them. I immediately was drawn to this trailer not only for the fact it looks like an early 90's UK indie flick but McAvoy just seems to be having a hell of a time playing Bruce Robertson. This definitely went on my  "Must See" list. It's an adaptation of the FANTASTIC  novel by Irvine Welsh of the same name. Seriously a great read and one I've hoped would get picked up for adaptation. 

When I say this is NSFW? Yeah. We get some bondage about 20 seconds in, various depictions of rough sex, drug use, volatile language and just good ol' fashioned crazed fun. This guy is rotten and, honestly, I'm not even sure we'll like him much by the end of the movie. McAvoy has been working hard to shed his babyface image as of late and this will go far to serve that.

Another fantastic spot for the upcoming Great Gatsby. One of the masterworks of American fiction, F. Scott Fitzgerald's book is one of my personal favorites. You add Leonardo diCaprio (Who TOTALLY got snubbed for his role in Django Unchained recently by the Academy) and have Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo + Juliet, Australia) direct? I was sold BEFORE I saw the trailers. 

Luhrmann's aesthetic style just sings here. This movie is going to be, if nothing else, one of the most gorgeous movies of 2013. I have a feeling, though, that this might be Leo's next shot at Oscar gold. This spot focuses more on the clash between Gatsby, Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton) with Daisy (the beautiful Carey Mulligan) caught in the middle. Just what is true and what is fiction regarding Mr. Gatsby hmm? 

So, aside from the return of Arrested Development within the next month or so Ron Howard has been busy with other projects. Here we have the Formula 1 racing drama titled Rush.  Howard looks like he's in top form here as, visually, this trailer sunk its hooks into me deep. I suppose it doesn't hurt to have Anthony Dod Mantle (Last King of Scotland, Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later, Dredd, Trance)  just destroying it on cinematography either. 

It follows the rivalry of two men at the top of their sport: James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Their near deadly rivalry lasted through most of the 70's. I'm honestly not much for racing films but this not only looks gorgeous but I'm willing to give it a shot with Chris Hemsworth as Hunt, Daniel Brühl (You might remember him as Frederick Zoller in Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds) as Lauda and Howard at the helm. 

And for the final entry of the week..

Westerns are a genre that I, honestly, just can't get enough of. We see so few of them these days but the ones we tend to get are either just awful or gems much like 2005's The Proposition. All that said I am always willing to give any genre film like this a look. 

Dead Man's Burden involves familial drama that gets set off by the return of a long-lost brother. It has a strong beginning but I'm left a little puzzled as to where this one goes. That's okay though as, frankly, I'll take what I can get when it comes to westerns. It doesn't hurt that Barlow Jacobs (The Master, Shotgun Stories) , David Call (Nobody Walks) and Clare Bowen (notably of Nashville) round out a great cast here. 

It's really good to see a strong female lead in a genre entry like this. I'm pretty stoked for this even though it's a bit late in coming as it was actually shown at festivals last year.