By Sam

    As you've probably noticed, there's some weird things happening around here. Most obvious being the site redesign(s) going on. I've just about settled on one, so don't worry about or layout switching up every time I get a wild inclination. I've got most of what I want out of our new look hammered out, so all that should be shifting from here on out should be some odd sidebar widgets and maybe the colors. I've also tried to make the ads as unobtrusive as possible, where instead of two or three giant blocks cluttering up our headers, we'll simply have small banners underneath our blog posts and a similar size banner in the header for our 'archives' and 'who we are' pages. This could all change, naturally, but the current ad setup lets us (hopefully) bring in a bit of change without making your eyes bleed with garish snake-oil peddling.

    We've got ourselves an additional section not present on the old site as well, and that's our brand-spanking new podcast! We've been working on it since around November, and while there are still a few kinks to work out, we do have as of this posting 2 episodes available for streaming on the site, and now available for download from the iTunes store! Just search zeitgeeks or Aliens Under the Vatican, and you'll be subscribed to our feed. Our prospective schedule is going to be one episode a week, with a maximum run-time of about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes per show. We had to pick a genre to get listed in the iTunes store, and so we're under "Games and Hobbies", because there's no category for "all sorts of odd nonsense". 

    You'll notice in the first two episodes it's a bit bare-bones and all over the place. Going forward starting on 4/10/13, we're going to have a bit of a new structure in place, but instead of running it down piece by piece, I suggest instead you go ahead and give the new episode a listen when it's up and available, which should be Friday.

     All of that, and we finally got ourselves a logo, as basic and simplistic as it is, but hell, it's ours. Keep on coming back to check for more great stuff, because I can see in our drafts timeline that The Scrivener (Jeff) has a ton of articles lined up to publish, and Ross just gave us his first installment of a series of articles on the 'Gender Through Comics' online course while i myself was typing this very update.

    We appreciate the visitors we already have, and we'd love to get even more people coming by. We welcome feedback of all kinds from readers, and can't wait to hear from you about what you think we may be doing right, wrong, and in between. We're gonna do our level best to get more articles up on a regular basis, and we hope you keep coming back to check out what the jerks at zeitgeeks have going!

AuthorSam Hurt