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   So about a week ago, I went over  some comicbook standouts of September that I felt were worth a gander, specifically some Villain's Month one-shots from DC that I thought were pretty good despite  DC's best efforts to be a performance art piece of what a comicbook publisher with absolutely no regards for quality looks like. *deep breath* OK, back on track now. With the first three weeks of September being all that I covered last time, I figured I could finish up with a quick rundown of week 4, so here it is:


DC Comics

     In regards to the last week of the Villain's Month issues, I really only had one stand out to me as being worth an extra glance from you:  

Killer Croc - It's pretty good. I don't have particularly strong feelings towards Killer Croc, in the interest of complete honesty. Don't love him, don't hate him, so I can count this issue as a pleasant surprise in that it got me genuinely intrigued as to where they're going next with this character. I've heard tell that his appearances have been inconsistent in quality and continuity, so I have no idea how this matches up to what's come before, but I do know I genuinely enjoyed it, and can recommend it with no misgivings. And honestly, that's about as nice as one can be for any book in this debacle known as Villain's Month. Killer Croc is by Tim Seeley and Francis Portela.


And The Rest  

   Sex Criminals is out!!!  I've been waiting for this series for months, and the first issue was a rock solid introduction. There are a couple instances where it feels like the narrative structure got away from Fraction a bit, but nothing so bad as to ruin the read for me, honest. And Zdarsky's visuals are just damn wonderful. His line-work is expressive enough that the humorous bits hit with an almost cartoonish playfulness, vital for a comedy work like this, but it also promises some pretty awesome action scenes when the inevitable crime parts of Sex Criminals begins in the next few issues. Sex Criminals is by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.

     Sex #7 is out too, and I'm loving this series. I'm going to go in-depth into it later, so for now I'm going to just tell you to hit that link for the most recent issue, or go here for the whole series, and start downloadin' like yer life depends on it. Sex is be Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski.

      East of West #6 is out, and starts a whole new storyline. It seems that Image is doing a short multi-month 'seasonal break' (for want of a better term) with this series much like Saga. I'm totally ok with that, if that's what it takes to get even more work out of Nick Dragotta on this thing. That aside, issue six is here, and the action is ramping up even more than Death himself fighting an entire army with a couple six shooters and two helpers. Highly recommended.


     That about does it for this week. I didn't get a chance to read the new Powerpuff Girls series yet, but I think I'm gonna cover it later, when Samurai Jack's new comic is released, so keep your eyes peeled, I'm not going to ignore it. Let me know if you think I missed anything vital in the comments section below or on Twitter. Otherwise, I'll see ya next week. I'm gonna go read my Technopriest collection now. Like a madman. A sexy crazy madman.


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