Scrivener Jeff 

Kickstarter is a platform for crowd funding, for better or worse, it has supplied us with some genuinely unique and wonderful ideas and potential products: The Oculus Rift, Kano (A Computer Anyone Can Build) and the Mega Man board game are just a few examples. Every week there are hundreds of new projects joining the thousands already out there hoping to get a bit of seed money. This is the first of a forthcoming weekly series that will shine a light on projects well worth your money. 

One of those projects is Icarus. It was, originally, a novel written by a supremely talented author, Gregory Wilson.  He has joined forces with the fantastic artist, Matt Slay -- whose work you may have recognized from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Image Comics, Marvel Beginnings Series 2, various card lines through Upper Deck and Cryptozoic as well)-- to bring the story of a boy fallen from the Heavens, Icarus, to life. Check out the Project video below:

Gregory Wilson, also known as Arvan Eleron on Twitch, has quickly become one of my favorite content creators online. His streams are not only entertaining to watch but also full of positivity. Right away I started looking into his prior work which includes his published works such as: The Third Sign and others that are in-production. BleedingCool recently featured this project as one to watch and I have to echo the sentiment. 

It has already met it's initial goal so this planned 80-page epic will be making it's way to digital storefronts via Silence In The Library publishing. The stretch goals include a 3DS RPG version of the Icarus story, 3D printed models and much more. The quality is quite evident in terms of the literary mind behind it and the artistic talent driving it forward. Despite being funded for their initial goal there is so much more than can come of this project. Check it out, true believers.

Gregory Wilson can be found online at his website,, follow the project on Twitter (@IcarusComic) or Facebook (Icarus: A Graphic Novel). Also go watch Greg's stream. Seriously great stuff. Matt Slay can be found at SpaciousInterior