Sam here. So right off the bat, I've got to warn you all that this podcast is different. As promised last week, we're running a Dark Heresy pen and paper RPG mini-campaign because this is something I've wanted to do with Aliens Under the Vatican ever since we at zeitgeeks decided to do a podcast. However, I also have to warn you about something. Beyond this being something outside the show format we've followed for 6 months now, this is a podcast of firsts: Robert and Matt's first time playing a pen and paper RPG, and Sam's first time as a Game/Dungeon Master. Due to that and the length of time we spent playing, this episode is two parts. We at zeitgeeks are always open to criticism, both positive and negative, and if you let us know that this episode just bored you out of your skulls, we'll listen. And if you absolutely love it, we'll see what we can do to shake things up more around here and give you stuff like this more often! So don't be shy, let us hear what you think!

AuthorSam Hurt