Episode Three is here, completed, polished, and gussied up nice for all you crazy guys and ladies! And reminder, we're on the iTunes store now, you can find us by either searching for Aliens Under the Vatican or zeitgeeks! This is the episode we used to restructure our format a bit, with 3 segments instead of two. The idea going forward is to have a news segment of various headlines Matt, Jeff and myself found interesting, a quick blurb about them, and movin' right along, followed by a second segment introducing our topic of the week, including the biggest, juiciest tidbits for anyone new to the podcast or new to our subject; finally, we round it out with deep-diving dissections of our main topic, going into details and conversations that may be a little inside for the casual listener, but we hope everyone will still stick around for the whole thing! As per usual, there's an explicit content warning attached, including language, burnt paper clips, stapled holsteins, and a beautiful musical interlude sung my a crayfish with Deflated Moped Syndrome. Our musical credits are below the streaming link, because we loves those crazy guys.

Outer Orbit (Revolution Void) / CC BY 3.0
A Craftier Thief (Architect 25) / CC BY 3.0
(Have A) Nice Time (Bitbasic) / CC BY-SA 3.0
AuthorSam Hurt