This week's show is a bit different. We're doing science fiction, but not something as vague as "what is sci-fi" or something. It's more just a discussion on what sci-fi means to us personally, how we ourselves define it, and what the three of us would recommend as cornerstones of the genre, with no regards given to minutiae like differentiating between 'hard' or 'soft' sci-fi and the like. Also, Sam has to issue a correction on something he said: is discussing the recommendations portion, he said he wouldn't recommend Ursula K. Leguin as a sci-fi author, mistakenly operating under the impression that she was strictly fantasy. He then did the smart thing and looked her work up, and realized he was being dumb, and that she is a fantastic sci-fi author. So apologies from him. All that, plus a couple good meaty questions from listeners to bite into! We wanna hear your opinions after you've given us a listen; we wanna know if you agree, disagree, or anything in between! Hit us up in the comments, on twitter, or Music credits and iTunes store link are in the usual place.

Outer Orbit (Revolution Void) / CC BY 3.0
A Craftier Thief (Architect 25) / CC BY 3.0
(Have A) Nice Time (Bitbasic) / CC BY-SA 3.0
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