Welcome to season two of Aliens Under the Vatican! We're starting strong by interviewing Nick Choban of Wet Gringo Comics and Ami, Go Home (Editor's Note: That link directs you to an online store in Australia, the US edition has not come out yet but will be solicited soon. We'll keep you updated when it arrives. -Sam), a graphic novel written by Adam Selzer and drawn by Mr. Choban himself. He was kind enough to put up with us for a couple hours and tell us about his process, his comics, other comics he loves, and teasing some upcoming work! Listen in, it was a blast to record, so we're sure it'll be a blast to listen to! If you wanna download from/subscribe to us in iTunes, click here!

Calm The Fuck Down (Broke For Free) / CC BY 3.0
Something Elated (Broke For Free) / CC BY 3.0
AuthorSam Hurt