Ash feathered to the crystal surface with the delicacy of a lilting melody. The curl of smoke mixed with the splashes of shadow that framed her tender features. She had come in here asking for help. The sort of help that only Scotch-soaked ingrates like myself could offer. Money freely offered and taken. A smoldering glance from her sealed the deal. It was easy to see how she had such a high-powered fella under her finger for so long. Guess he got bored. I find that hard to believe. 

Somewhere high above the naked city where mundane folks go about their mundane lives there resides a single office in a dark corner. It was there that those in need of answers came and it was there that the boys gathered to speak about cool shit like film noir and the like. That's right! Nick, Sam and Jeff sit and talk about one of their favorite genres of film/literature: Film Noir! 

This episode was brought you to, as always, by the unflagging support of Star Comics in Lubbock, TX. (Thanks DP-10!) 

Hosts for this episode are ScrivenerJeffThe Good Reverend Hurt and Nick "Our Little Seattle Man" Feldman

Intro: Marlowe's Theme - David Shire (Farewell, My Lovely Soundtrack)

Outro: Touch of Evil - Henry Mancini (Touch of Evil soundtrack)

AuthorThe Scrivener