These are all the Official Zeitgeeks Stances.

These are the hills we will die on, in no particular order. This list is going to be constantly updated.

1. The correct order of quality in the Alien franchise is Alien > Alien3 Director's Cut > Aliens > Alien: Resurrection. This stance subject to vary from zeitgeek to zeitgeek.

2. Hungover & Handcuffed is better than anything by James Patterson or Janet Evanovich.

3. Hayao Miyazaki is one the finest auteurs, living or not, to ever grace this planet. Scrivener will fight you on this fact.

4. 2000AD is the best. Humanoids is a close second, though.

5. Everyone needs to, at least once in their lives, watch the only movie ever filmed entirely in Esperanto. What movie is that? Why, it's Incubus!

6. Hardcore Pawn is objectively better than Pawn Stars.

7. Jesse Ventura isn't in The Expendables because he is not Expendable. We only have one of him and he is a national treasure.