Nick Feldman, formerly mysterious third co-founder of the Zeitgeeks empire and noted author, has released a new book! Mina Davis is back! Asshole Yakuza Boyfriend ! More after the jump.

Hard science-fiction mixed with humor and unnerving tension? Yeah. Andy Weir's The Martian is a compelling work that not only gets the facts right but hits you with every bit of tension you can manage all while putting you beside a main character that is MacGuyver in space. More after the jump.

The afterword of Doctor Sleep reveals that King approached this novel with great trepidation. How do you follow-up what is your most well-known work? It is considered a truly timless work of horror fiction from one of the true masters of the macabre. So how could a sequel truly measure up especially after so many years since it hit the scene? Doctor Sleep will surprise you.